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Hopefully this page looks ok in your browser I've checked it with firefox and IE6 but I've had trouble with some of tricks I've pulled in the HTML on older browsers in the past.

I'm looking for comments on this so mail me with them, quick before I start building it.

Zeenip will be my first modular layout. It will be build using the Z Club international end plates from System Jörger

Something has to be ready for october as I'm exhibiting at the Colchester MRC, so I'm working on a phased design, visible points will be from Peter Wright, the hidden ones will be Märklin and the whole layout will be DCC controlled.
Scenery might a bit more relaxed, I'm aiming to have puzzle harbour done but the main station area will take a bit long

Size of each module is 990x400mm this means I can fit two modules side by side in my car boot, since the fiddle yard doesn't have any scenery attached I can put that on the bottom with the the station modules on top. If I put the puzzle harbour and the twin rail straight section on the back seat I think the whole lot will fit in the car without having to make multiple trips.

The diagrams have been rotated 180 degrees since I've got different end modules

Phase one

Phase one is a simple loop round with the puzzle harbour module, click on the layout below to see more about the puzzle harbour


Phase two

Now we add the main station area and the fiddle yard, click on layout to see the sections larger


Phase three

Who knows what the future holds...

Spur Z Modellbahnring
Spur Z Modellbahnring
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