z220.org layouts, Zeenip diary pages Feb-Apr


5th - Went to MERG meeting, fixed a couple of DCC handsets for a fellow member. Had a small oval setup complete with DCC loco, got asked if I would show a layout at the colchester MRC in October, stupidly said yes.

8th - First post to yahoo list about doing a reversible layout, see the pictures below for what I mean

home and away layouts

22nd - Ask Manfred Jörger what the profiles of the end plates on the modules are, get a nice letter back complete with a little sample of his track cleaning pads


Planning starts in earnest, some website pages get done and....

9th - Exchange emails with Guido Kruschke from 220dasjournal asking what the end plates for the station module in issues 14 and 15 are called in German.

28th - Announce Zeenip to the world via the Z_Scale yahoo mailing list


2nd and 3rd - Went to the London Festival of Railway Modelling at Alexandra Palace, put in some time on the MERG stand and met up with Paul Evans. Sadly the ONLY Z scale stuff present (apart from a few vendors) was the 3 metre length of straight track we had demonstrating DCC (provided by me).
Also joined the German Railway Society as they had a stand

14th - Organised orders for points from Peter Wright (paid for by my wife as a birthday present) and module bits from Manfred Jörger

16th - Pickup some DCC accessory encoder and decoder kits from the MERG meeting

18-19th - Following an exchange of emails with Jeremy brandon cleaned up a few translation problems somewhere between me, Guido and Manfred. Also send over the money via IBAN transfer to Manfred.
I just want to point out that is caused by me ordering stuff that isn't on the system jörger website, and Manfred very nicely agreeded to honour the original price in his letter, which means I probably owe him a beer or two.

Jeremy also sends me an alternative design for the layouts which allows a diagonal station module (I've just drawn the mainlines in the picture) and a much neater looking fiddle yard
I've done an redrawing of his original quick sketch below, putting in the harbour module as well
Jeremys version

Sit back and wait for the goodies to arrive

Onwards to May

Spur Z Modellbahnring
Spur Z Modellbahnring
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