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8th May

Back from a weekend away, a package awaits me
Outside of parcel
Horray the module ends and the electromagnetic decouplers have arrived.

Inside of parcel
The inside of the package. Apologies for the image quality, snapped with my camera phone.

13th May

Just realised I've been sent the wrong module ends. I wanted the Z-Club international ends and I got the EFW ones. Doesn't matter as I can just turn around the module designs and use them. In practice I think I prefer it this way round as it means the water area can be towards the front.

15th May

Off to Zedex 05

Back from Zedex, click here for pictures. Sadly those nasty exhibitors beat me to the trade stand and bought up all the flex track, so none for me.

19th May

Got the wood ordered for the layout, 9mm Plywood for the sides, 6mm for tops. Ordered it from Goodwoods who cut it for me, cost was nearly a hundred pounds so suggestions for cheaper wood in North London would be welcome.

9 mm cutting list
8 off 970mm x 104mm
4 off 970mm x 70mm
4 off 970mm x 140mm
2 off 350mm x 70mm
2 off 815mm x 140mm
2 off 350mm x 140mm
2 off 360mm x 104mm

6 mm cutting list
2 off 360mm x 104mm
2 off 970mm x 400mm
4 off 970mm x 380mm

I also bought some 3mm cork sheets (to go under the track) from the 4D modelshop. If you are going by car, a good spot to park is Royal Mint Street, there were plenty of Pay and Display bays available when I visited. (approach from the tower bridge end as it's one way)

22nd May

Built both the end modules frameworks no trackwork down yet, sadly my wood working skills aren't good enough for them to line up with out the linking modules inbetween. This also means I probably need to buy some track

Spur Z Modellbahnring
Spur Z Modellbahnring
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