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This site was created by Peter Ibbotson. I live in London and have been doing Z scale stuff since 2003.

www.z220.org has several purposes. Some howto documents for DCC, somewhere to stick the photographs of other folks layouts which I've been collecting over time, and finally somewhere to document my new layout that I'm working on.

Some of the CSS bits for this site were shamelessly stolen from the nice folks at htmldog.com particularly the suckerfish stuff which I've used to do the popout menus.
The site itself is written in notepad and makes use of server side includes to keep everything in synch.

I check the site looks ok in both Firefox and IE6.0, since I'm not a graphic artist I don't care too much about what everything looks like with pixel perfect positioning in both. So please don't complain about errors.

I can be contacted via email as peter@ibbotson.co.uk

Spur Z Modellbahnring
Spur Z Modellbahnring
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